An idea to speed up Choqok development

As you heard before, I’m doing military service and it’s some kind of non-profit job right now :-/

Recently I’ve noticed that i have to do some jobs to earn money. But this way will take most of my free time, and there couldn’t be time to do My favorite job, i.e. working on Choqok and Blogilo.

Some days ago, An idea came in my mind, I discussed with some close friends about if this idea could work, and now I want to talk with you about it.

The idea is some kind of sponsoring Choqok development by it’s users:

There are so many features we can implement! from new microblog services (like friendfeed) to additional useful automatic tasks (like translation of dents/tweets)

We define some kind of minimum donation requirement to implement one special feature/idea.

And then users who want to have that feature sooner, and like to participate in its development, will decide to donate some amount of donation required to implement it(Whatever that is important to them)! And then, After donation for that idea reaches the min, I’ll notice you, and will work on it!

This way, Choqok development speed can increase much more, and I won’t need to give up working on it and do another job.

It’s mostly about Choqok right now, but can be applied to Blogilo if there’s interest about it. and to any other KDE app later, if it works! ;)

Now, How we can implement it!?

Well, The simplest way I think (I’m not a web dev ;)) is running a forum, and discussing about them there! and in donation page users can add comment, and there’s a good place to mention that this donation would be to contribute on which feature! We can make it more automatic later…

What do you think about the whole idea!?

Do you have any idea about the implementation way?

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  1. Posted by Emil Sedgh on March 28, 2010 at 12:41 am

    I personally would like to see proper FriendFeed support (including liking, commenting, etc) and i would love to pay something for its development.
    How much you think that costs? :)


  2. About the forum, I can provide free hosting on, you can create your group on . This will provide a stackoverflow like forum for choqok :) I could find a way to implement automatic donation later, though we’d need to talk about that. (shapado is free software under the AGPL)


  3. Maybe this could work for you:

    From its description:
    “PledgeBank allows users to set up pledges and then encourages other people to sign up to them. A pledge is a statement of the form ‘I will do something, if a certain number of people will help me do it’.”


  4. Posted by John on March 28, 2010 at 4:03 am

    As far as the forum goes…couldn’t it be discussed in a thread on the official kde-forums? Or ask the admins there of a specific subforum if need be?


  5. I’ll proudly donate to speed up Choqok development.


  6. isnt that what a pledge bank is?


  7. Posted by jospoortvliet on March 28, 2010 at 10:31 pm

    You can use something like pledgie to make this work ( But I think it will be difficult. Mostly because writing features properly is expensive – more so than users will understand and be willing to pay for.

    You can probably better do something like the KO team has done for luka: write a good plan of what you can do in 3-4 months, figure out how much money it would cost to work that long full-time, and try to get it ;-)

    You can of course discuss potential features with users and make a plan based on their input…

    If you want to have a dot story, let me know!


    • choqok is really a nice program with nice features, but I’m curious to see if there are enough people who would spend some money.

      There are more important project (at least for me) who needs some (paid) care, for instance konqueror/khtml/akonadi-sync/koffice


    • An story in!? That would be great :)
      But after we have started this job! and every things get ready!

      I’ll notice you when it’s ready ;)


  8. pledgie seems fine!
    But with my current limits, a bbpress installation would be better to use :)


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