Let’s extend Choqok together

As a result of my previous post about speeding up Choqok development by community help, I have launched a BBPress forum to do the job.

Why forum?

We need a platform to discuss about features and Ideas and their implementation as needed, And of course, It should be in a way that others (than me) can create entries.
Extendable platform may help us later.
It should be super light.

How do it works?

  1. Someone starts a new topic in New Idea forum with information about what’s in his/her mind to be implemented in Choqok.
  2. He/She announces it anywhere thinks that interested peoples can find it (i.e. Identi.ca) to get here and help us in development.
  3. Then We (Interested users and me) will discuss about it and it’s implementation and will set the donation amount it requires to be implemented.
  4. Now we have to collect donation for it: Anyone who wants to have that feature sooner (and likes to help to its development) can donate to it. He/She should note in donation comment about what feature/idea he/she donates to!
  5. When donation is about to reach the requirement, I will start to implement the idea, and it’s topic in forum will move to Under Development forum. still we can discuss about it there!
  6. And when them implementation is done! I’ll announce it there and move topic to Implemented forum.

I have added some ideas there for example and to start this job,

You can add your ideas you want to donate to their implementation Or think that there are users who like to donate to their implementation.

When you add an idea or see an interested idea there, You can(better to) spread the word and tell other users about it, to donate for it and have it sooner.

There are 4 different forums there:

  • New Idea – Add your ideas here, We will discuss about them and I announce the donation amount to implement them!
    This is the main forum to discuss, Anyone can create a new topic(idea) to start.
  • Under Development
    When new idea donated amount reached the required, I will move it to this forum, It’s still open to discuss
    But nobody can create a new topic here!
  • Implemented – Ideas will come here after they’ve implemented!
    When implementation of an idea is done and pushed to svn/git repository, It’s topic will move here from Under Development forum.
    This forum is read only too!
  • Free Discussion – If you want to discuss about other Choqok related topics, come here
    This forum is just open to contain other Choqok related discussions!

Of course this is not the only way to continue Choqok development! We will have previous developments as well! But we want to make the process faster.

OK, Let’s Begin…

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4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Markus on April 10, 2010 at 12:49 am

    Why not create a sub-forum on http://forum.kde.org/ ?


  2. Posted by Thomas on April 10, 2010 at 1:41 pm

    why don’t you use a mailinglist, thats the most common solution.

    Its much much more useful for technical discussions, for patches being send and essentially for collaboration.


  3. Assuming you didn’t want a mailing list as a platform, why didn’t you collaborate with the KDE Forum folks when launching this? Parts of this essentially look like the KDE Brainstorm.


  4. […] مورد این ماجرا، به تفصیل توی دو تا پست + + توی وبلاگ انگلیسیم، توضیح دادم، اما گفتم شاید […]


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