ReTweet, Post filtering and more

As first results of our new way to speed up Choqok development, I’m glad to announce you 3 new and useful features:

First of all, Support for Twitter and ReTweet/Repeat API, in both creating retweets and detecting and showing them to user:

P.S: Don’t worry, Google is open again here, That was some kind of test for users reaction maybe :-/ Of course they will be happier if they could block google.

Second useful feature is some kind of friends nick auto-complete in input boxes in main window, look at snapshot:

That’s useful too, But it just know your friends nicks, You can update your friends nicks (If it’s outdated) by “Actions->Update Friends List” menu item in your account:

And maybe the most useful feature is Post filtering, That implemented as a plugin now. But maybe I change it to be part of our TwitterApi implementation library, to add extra features to it. This plugin is not enabled by default, So you have to enable it before trying to access it’s “Configure Filters” dialog from “Tools” menu.

It will remove any post that matches your defined rules, from your timeline.

Just note that you’re regular expression is passes as is to Qt. If you’re not familiar with Qt regular expressions look at this.

Another change in Choqok is at “Now Listening” plugin, a friend of mine (@saar) made some changes on it and added support for more players such as Juk, Rhythmbox, Exaile, Banshee and MPRIS API supported players such as Audacious, Dragon and Qmmp. It will detect which player you’re using and fetch information from it.

And another on the way feature, is support for FriendFeed; It is requested by some users, and we already collected some donation for it.

And support for Twitter lists may be the next feature.

What about Choqok next release?

My plan is to prepare a release candidate for version 1.0 for last week of June (24 actually) and after it, will fix known bugs, to release the stable 1.0 in July.

So, we will have 2 releases in June and July, If everything goes well. :)


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  3. oh, now that is sweet. I am completely awestruck at the speed of Choqok’s development, and how responsive and helpful the devs are. Thank you!


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