KDE & OAuth!?

Twitter announced that they’re going to turn off basic authentication mode on Jun 30. And all of clients should use OAuth authentication.

Choqok is using the basic authentication since first release, So We have to change it.

Good news is that Identi.ca supports OAuth authentication too.

I just started this job, several days ago, (but with low speed), and done some changes in account registration dialogs of Choqok, Just tried to use QOAuth library for this. and it works.

But today I found it hard to use, because it doesn’t use KIO library (It’s a Qt lib, I know :D ), So does not respect for KDE Proxy settings And its design defers with what we need to work with KIO, (As I see and know, maybe I’m wrong :-/)

So, Question is:
Is there any KDEish solution for OAuth?
If no:
What is best solution now?
Is there anybody to help me on this? (Specially from KIO world)


P.S.1: I really need help on this. :)
P.S.2: Choqok 0.6.6 and current beta won’t work with Twitter after 30 Jun.


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  1. Choqok is the best microblogging client i used, fortunately isn’t so hard installing the beta rpm build 0.9.55 in Fedora, but in Ubuntu it’s a pain if you don’t have idea of repositories and so on.

    Indeed, if the 0.6 stable version it gonna to loose his functionality after jun-30, could be a way to ask ubuntu and fedora let the 0.9 beta be in their normal update repos? Gentoo an Arch users dislike old versions anyway, so for sure, they have even lastest svn versions, the real trouble is for not so-skilled users like me.

    Thank you for the success with this pretty Kde App.

    Greetings from México

    P.D. Sorry about my horrible english :p


  2. Re Fedora, it’s likely that either a 0.9 beta or a version with OAuth support backported will get pushed in time.

    (But this kind of things is why it’s a bad idea to rely on proprietary centralized web services like Twitter.)


  3. Posted by Lukas Appelhans on June 9, 2010 at 12:17 pm

    Had a quick look at the library… you can just switch from using a QNetworkAccessManager to KIO::AccessManager to use KIO functions… it’s in kdelibs since 4.4… ping me on IRC if you need any help (#chakra-devel / boom1992 ;))…



  4. PS: Of course Fedora can only ship what exists, so this is all contingent on OAuth getting implemented in upstream Choqok in time, which is what Mehrdad Momeny (the blog owner) is working on. :-)


  5. Posted by Diederik van der Boor on June 9, 2010 at 1:12 pm

    Can’t QNetworkAccessManager be instructed to use KDE proxy settings? This seems like a generic problem for more Qt-based libraries out there.

    Besides, throwing a Qt-based library away looks like a waste of resources to me. The library is already Qt-ish! ;)


  6. We also have Qt-based OAuth implementation: http://gitorious.org/kadu/kadu/trees/master/modules/gadu_protocol/oauth
    maybe you will find it usefull as a reference ;)


  7. Posted by leo on June 9, 2010 at 5:53 pm

    i don’t know how qoath works, but if it using the QNAM functions, it should have a way for you to set the QNAM* that it uses–that will allow you to insert the KIO::AccessManager to that QOAuth will transparently use the KDE proxy settings.


  8. Posted by Ryan Paul on June 10, 2010 at 10:25 am

    Twitter has said that it will revoke published OAuth consumer keys, which means that there is no practical way for open source software applications to use OAuth 1a with Twitter. We have a working Twitter OAuth implementation for Gwibber, but we have been unable to roll it out due to this rule. It’s unclear if Twitter will be able to supply a foss-friendly OAuth authentication flow in time for the June 30 cutoff.


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  10. Hey! for me the latest beta (beta2 — 0.9.85) crashes like bad. Compiling went fine with cmake and the given instructions (I just realised, that choqok uses development packages) it was easy. I can’t authenticate my client with twitter though. I didn’t try it with StatusNet. I’m using Sidux (uptodate). The one in the official debian repos (0.9.81 i guess) crashes too.


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