How to configure Choqok for a Netbook

Recently some friends of mine have asked me for a lightweight Choqok version to use on their Netbooks.

But, You can configure current Choqok to use less resources and make it lighter.

First of all, You have to change (and make it as less as possible) the count of posts to be shown per time line, The image below Show you, where you can find this config:

And after it, You have to disable time lines you rarely use such as Favorite, Public, Outbox …
You can find this configuration in Account configuration dialog, Go to next page of "Configure Choqok" dialog (Accounts), select your account and click on Modify, At second tab you’ll see something like this:

There you can disable unused timelines.

After these, You have to disable some plugins, And this is the reason we made Choqok plugin aware ;)

4 of these plugins are parsing every post arrived in Choqok:

  1. UnTiny URLs
  2. Filter Posts
  3. Preview Images
  4. Preview Videos

So, It would be better and lighter If you disable some of them or all of them.

You’ll lose some functionality with these changes. But Its your Choice to have more function or lighter client :)

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3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by nip on September 3, 2010 at 6:57 pm

    How much lighter? Your post would be much more interesting if you would quantify the gain of performance (memory, cpu)


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  3. I am not good I completely agree with you on this post. Around the other hand I’m normally open to new alternatives. May nicely have got to consider about this. Helpful site anyway.


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