SFD celebration in Isfahan

I was in Isfahan from 14 Sep to 17 Sep to join the SFD celebration and meetup planned for 16 Sep by IsfahanLUG, the local Gnu/Linux users group in Isfahan. The meetup was great. So, I’ve decided to write about it for my friends out of Iran :D And Of course we have other parties in Iran too, the next one I’ll join will be in Mashhad this week at 8-Oct :D

I think it’s more that 3 years that we celebrate SFD in Iran…

The Isfahan party was actually an official conference, We had 7 presents there :D

First of all, My friend Babak Moqimi (@bmoqimi) talked about "Free Software" and the fact that it’s our first and main goal here. He’s one of the great sysadmins and software freedom advocates here…

After him, Behrad Eslami Far (sysadmin) and Bersam Karbasioon (@b3rsam) (Bersam is one of Persian Wikipedia Gurus) had a talk about Free/OpenSource licenses and Free documentation:

Nasser Ghanemzadeh introduces us to open source business plans, He’s a businessman, CO-Founder and CEO at Opatan Co.

After a short interrupt, Daniel Holbach from Ubuntu talked about OpenSource, Ubuntu way and how to encourage newbies to contribute to open source projects. It was a good accident that he was in Isfahan at the right time.

"The power of community" was title of next presentation via Sajjad Baroodkoo (@badjoker) graphic designer and moderator in Iranian Ubuntu users group and IsfahanLUG.

And my turn, I introduced and talked about Qt and KDE development, to encourage students and companies to test Qt and feel it’s power and beauty :D

And after all, My cousin Majid Ramezanpour (@majid) presented project MeeGo:

And here are some other photos:

A wide view of the Saloon:

Majid and I (And that’s my laptop :D)

Some friends of mine :)

The last photo with most of the participants

I’m sorry if there were too many photos :|

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