Social activities in Choqok

Recently the man behind “Open Collaboration Services” API (Frank Karlitschek) contacted me about this API and if we can have support for ocs activities in Choqok, and Yes, It’s almost done :)

I was working on Blogilo‘s new webkit based WYSIWYG editor to get it ready for KDE PIM 4.6 release, these days. And I haven’t much time to work on Choqok.

Social Activities
You can see my activity list in “Social News” plasmoid at left and in Choqok at right :)
Of course We use Attica library and didn’t implement the API again, I think we can use some other parts of API to have more/better information/support here.
Currently we can get/read the activities (As you see above) and put/write new activity/status, But I don’t know why do this activity doesn’t show up in the timeline :/ I’ll contact Frank about this. ;)

What about Choqok version 1.0?

I have to tell you that We have plan for version 1.0 release, And we’ll release an RC before it, This release includes all of recent changes, features and improvements. The RC1 release scheduled for the end of November (28-30), and We’ll focus on bug fix until the end of this year…
And Choqok 1.0 will be released at its birthday i.e. 26 December. [Announcement of Choqok 0.1]
Oh, our little bird is 2 years old now :D

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