My n900 stories (Chapter 1)

I have bought a Nokia n900 cell phone last week. hurray
My main goal is porting MDic, Choqok and Blogilo to Maemo/MeeGo :D

This job is simple for MDic because its a Qt app, and its current code works on Maemo after removing Aspell related codes. But I don’t think its so easy for Choqok and Blogilo.

But, Bad news is that I can’t use Nokia ovi store and services :-/
Here is what I get when I want to download a free theme from it:
Nokia ovi blocks Iranians
Oh, Yes, I know it’s because of the fucking government, We should get punished!
Here we have such problems, Some services blocked by government such as twitter, Facebook, WordPress, …, and others blocked by their service providers, such as Google code, Nokia ovi, Sourceforge, …

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  1. Hey,

    I’ve never used the Ovi Store on my N900. I don’t think you lose anything. Use the package manager, that’s where you get the interesting packages from.



  2. Choqok on my N900 you say? That would’ve been VERY cool I think! :)

    Good luck pal!

    Oh and for the OVI store, you lose anything by actually using it. It is so clumsy to use that I hardly ever bother. It is just a web page that they did not even bother to port properly to the screen, and they neither managed to get the phone to remember the password. The application manager is much better! Try the application “Faster Application Manager”, which is even better than that one :)


  3. Posted by Ivan on November 24, 2010 at 12:41 pm

    Good for you,

    For a dictionary application there is QStarDict. It’s working very good on the N900 and only lacks a few UI optimizations.

    I suggest you to try porting some other KDE stuff. For example, Simon (voice command would be really useful on the N900), Gwenview (a proper photo viewer with a good touch interface is still needed) or Okular (an all-in-one reader).

    In all the cases a big challenge would be to develop a new UI for the touch interface.


  4. Posted by Bernhard on November 24, 2010 at 7:09 pm

    Congrats for joining the N900 community! It’s nice to see people like you porting apps to the mobile world.

    Be prepared for some major UI changes, however. The UI must match the workflows of the user much more since it is so much harder to interact with these little devices. If users must put that much more effort in the interaction and still don’t get what they want they will be much more frustrated compared to desktop apps. But you may have already experienced that yourself. :)

    Here is my personal rule of thumb: frustration = interaction_effort * sizeof(interaction) * number_of_tries. The goal is to minimize frustration. Since interaction_effort is dependent on the type of device, the only parameters that can be minimized are the interaction size and the number of tries.

    My 2Ct.


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