BetterNotify, a new plugin for Choqok

Long time after Choqok version 0.6.6, Now I’m going to introduce you a similar notification solution for version 1.x series.

It’s going to show you text content of post, to you. instead of just telling you how many new posts you have.

It implemented as a plugin. So, you can enable or disable it. and you can select what do you want to see from it. (Thanks to my previous works on Choqok plugin system :D )

So now(in git) if you go to Plugins section of Choqok configurations dialog. you’ll see the new plugin:

And you have to go to it’s configuration to enable it for any timeline you want:

At first page, you can set how long you want to see a notification, its appearance and position, and in second page you have to select which timeline from which account you want to see! (It’s timeline based now)
And its quite easy, first select account (You should see all of configured accounts here) and then select timelines:

By default. notification is positioned at top-middle of your screen, you can change this, by selecting “Adjust notification’s position” button, and then you’ll see a fake notification, that you can re-position it easily.

Don’t forget to select the Ok button (that blue tick) on fake notification to store your desired position. If you just close the BetterNotify configuration dialog, your position won’t store on disk.

Here’s an example of what you’ll see later:

Some additional tips about how to interact with notification itself:

  • If you place your mouse cursor over notification, it will stop. until you either move away mouse, or click somewhere on notification:
  • If you click on notification, it will mark the post as read! and will show next notification. (If there’s any)
  • If you click on the close button, it means you are ignoring notifications for now, It will close this notification (unmarked) and won’t show other notifications currently in queue.
  • And the most important one is what you see under configuration dialog, You have to disable plugin, click on Apply, and then re-enable it, after changing it’s settings, to take effect. or they will take effect after Choqok restarted.
  • One more tip, This plugin won’t disable Choqok’s notification of new post arrived! You have to disable them in KDE or Choqok notification configurations.

So, that’s it. Having this plugin was a long time wish and work of me, This weekend I found time to finish it’s configuration, and here we are :)

You’ll see this in next release of Choqok i.e. version 1.4
I hope to release it at last week of June.

Or, you can get Choqok from git, and try this new plugin and report back it’s bugs and your thoughts about it.

Why did we not use KDE notifications?

I tried to do it at first, but in KDE notifications if it has more than one notification to show, they will overlap each other. due that system is used widely in KDE, if user has another notification from another application, it will overlap current notify and disturb user reading post :)

Go on,
Enjoy Choqok :)


9 responses to this post.

  1. I would love if the user could choose kde notifications, every application having its own notifications system defeats the whole idea of having a unified notifications for KDE.


  2. Posted by cedric on June 11, 2012 at 12:12 pm

    If use do not want KDE notification, he can install colibiri notification system…


  3. Posted by Aaron Seigo on June 11, 2012 at 4:06 pm

    so you wrote this, making the user experience more of jumbled mess with multiple notification queues that have be configured in N different places, instead of working with us to improve the system-wide notifications so they work for an application like choqok better? this makes zero sense to me, and definitely does not scale out to other applications.

    i would suggest that you write a list of choqok requirements for notifications along with explanations for each so we can understand them better, then send that to plasma-devel at and we can work on improvements there.

    btw, someone is already looking into notification improvements at the dev sprint this week in spain so this would be a great opportunity.


    • I didn’t mean that your works on plasma has problem.
      I thought maybe KDE Notification system should remain as current state, due there could be bunch of notifications from everywhere there (that could not wait for others to go away), so the way you are showing them, is OK.

      But I’ll do as you suggested :)


  4. Not to pile on with what others are saying, but I prefer all my notifications in one place – it’s what I love so much about KDE 4. Perhaps an option to use KDE notifications vs the one you implemented? That way it’s the user’s choice. Anyway, you can undo the overlap by mousing over the message. AND, with the KDE notifications it holds everything until you click “X”, so it’d be a nice, quick way to read over the choqok messages. I know I’ve wanted something like this for a while vs having to check and see if the tweets/dents are something I want to engage with.

    Anyway, I hope you’re able to also make it work with KDE notifications. I love the work you’ve done with Choqok – it really is top notch.


  5. Posted by Cuba on June 11, 2012 at 11:40 pm

    The plugin looks interesting thanks for shaing I will be checking it out!


  6. […] messages, replies, and home time line” to be displayed in the notification area. Check the detailed information about “BetterNotify” plugin in developer […]


  7. […] sono presenti da tempo in tutti i principali client. Oltre a questo è stato introdotto un nuovo plugin, chiamato BetterNotify, per le notiche sul destkop di KDE. Se volete provare Choqok 1.4 potete […]


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