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Choqok Blank Screen Problem

Hi folks,

One of Choqok problems that sometimes I saw users complain about it is seeing a blank dialog when they went to configuration dialog. Or:

When I click on “add account” (german: “Hinzuf├╝gen”) it shows the button clicked, but nothing happens.

Or we have upgraded Choqok and after upgrade it tells us that there’s no accounts at all and we need to setup our accounts again.

It’s really annoying, I know and I want to tell you that it’s not a problem at all! And you have to just be patient a bit!

All of these problems just happens right after when we have installed/upgraded Choqok!


All parts of Choqok have built through plugins. Microblog services (Twitter, StatusNet, OCS, …), Shortener services, configurations and plugins!

And the system behind Choqok plugin management and system is some KDE stuffs (I’m not going more deep). So when you install Choqok or other KDE apps like Kopete that uses plugins, these new plugins should be cached before applications request for them. and this is where the problem happens.

So, When you see blank screen in Choqok configure dialog, or you see that Choqok can’t find your previous accounts, don’t bother.

You have two solutions:

1. Be patient, Every things gonna be all right just one minute later. Quit Choqok, and start it again some minutes later.

2. You can force this caching system: Quit Choqok, Run `kbuildsycoca4 –noincremental` and then restart Choqok.


Social activities in Choqok

Recently the man behind “Open Collaboration Services” API (Frank Karlitschek) contacted me about this API and if we can have support for ocs activities in Choqok, and Yes, It’s almost done :)

I was working on Blogilo‘s new webkit based WYSIWYG editor to get it ready for KDE PIM 4.6 release, these days. And I haven’t much time to work on Choqok.

Social Activities
You can see my activity list in “Social News” plasmoid at left and in Choqok at right :)
Of course We use Attica library and didn’t implement the API again, I think we can use some other parts of API to have more/better information/support here.
Currently we can get/read the activities (As you see above) and put/write new activity/status, But I don’t know why do this activity doesn’t show up in the timeline :/ I’ll contact Frank about this. ;)

What about Choqok version 1.0?

I have to tell you that We have plan for version 1.0 release, And we’ll release an RC before it, This release includes all of recent changes, features and improvements. The RC1 release scheduled for the end of November (28-30), and We’ll focus on bug fix until the end of this year…
And Choqok 1.0 will be released at its birthday i.e. 26 December. [Announcement of Choqok 0.1]
Oh, our little bird is 2 years old now :D

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How to configure Choqok for a Netbook

Recently some friends of mine have asked me for a lightweight Choqok version to use on their Netbooks.

But, You can configure current Choqok to use less resources and make it lighter.

First of all, You have to change (and make it as less as possible) the count of posts to be shown per time line, The image below Show you, where you can find this config:

And after it, You have to disable time lines you rarely use such as Favorite, Public, Outbox …
You can find this configuration in Account configuration dialog, Go to next page of "Configure Choqok" dialog (Accounts), select your account and click on Modify, At second tab you’ll see something like this:

There you can disable unused timelines.

After these, You have to disable some plugins, And this is the reason we made Choqok plugin aware ;)

4 of these plugins are parsing every post arrived in Choqok:

  1. UnTiny URLs
  2. Filter Posts
  3. Preview Images
  4. Preview Videos

So, It would be better and lighter If you disable some of them or all of them.

You’ll lose some functionality with these changes. But Its your Choice to have more function or lighter client :)

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OAuth support in Choqok

So, Here we go…

Last time I was with you, We’ve talked about Twitter, OAuth and QtOAuth.

After it, I was contacted with QtOAuth dev, Dominik Kapusta, And he has accepted a change in lib (api) to add better support for KDE apps :) And that’s great.

So, I’ve done base jobs and codes for OAuth support in Choqok, and It supports it for Identica right now. Of course supports for Twitter too (their code base is share) but for now I’ve changed twitter add account dialog temporarily to something like before (with basic user/pass) and waiting for Twitter new feature for Open Source apps, that they announced on 12 Jun. Oh, and Twitter changed his plan of shutting down basic authentication and postponed it to August, So we have more time :)

So, Now If you want to build latest Choqok svn, you’ll need latest QOAuth from it’s git repository. (Its author will release it officially too)
And if your Choqok version is more than or equal to 0.9.80, It already supports OAuth ;)


Other than authentication changes, We have many fixes done by Andrey Esin + a new shortener plugin for service.

And we have a DBus interface now, Many thanks to Emanuele Bigiarini for his works. and there is a plugin in Choqok that you can call Choqok from dolphin or konqueror to upload and share a medium from your hard disk, or dent/tweet selected text from konqueror, and more…

And even you can install this Firefox extension if you use it for web browsing, and have These options there too. ( Power of Free Software :D )

P.S: You can still use basic authentication for if you like or other StatusNet web sites, OAuth is available for just

KDE & OAuth!?

Twitter announced that they’re going to turn off basic authentication mode on Jun 30. And all of clients should use OAuth authentication.

Choqok is using the basic authentication since first release, So We have to change it.

Good news is that supports OAuth authentication too.

I just started this job, several days ago, (but with low speed), and done some changes in account registration dialogs of Choqok, Just tried to use QOAuth library for this. and it works.

But today I found it hard to use, because it doesn’t use KIO library (It’s a Qt lib, I know :D ), So does not respect for KDE Proxy settings And its design defers with what we need to work with KIO, (As I see and know, maybe I’m wrong :-/)

So, Question is:
Is there any KDEish solution for OAuth?
If no:
What is best solution now?
Is there anybody to help me on this? (Specially from KIO world)


P.S.1: I really need help on this. :)
P.S.2: Choqok 0.6.6 and current beta won’t work with Twitter after 30 Jun.

ReTweet, Post filtering and more

As first results of our new way to speed up Choqok development, I’m glad to announce you 3 new and useful features:

First of all, Support for Twitter and ReTweet/Repeat API, in both creating retweets and detecting and showing them to user:

P.S: Don’t worry, Google is open again here, That was some kind of test for users reaction maybe :-/ Of course they will be happier if they could block google.

Second useful feature is some kind of friends nick auto-complete in input boxes in main window, look at snapshot:

That’s useful too, But it just know your friends nicks, You can update your friends nicks (If it’s outdated) by “Actions->Update Friends List” menu item in your account:

And maybe the most useful feature is Post filtering, That implemented as a plugin now. But maybe I change it to be part of our TwitterApi implementation library, to add extra features to it. This plugin is not enabled by default, So you have to enable it before trying to access it’s “Configure Filters” dialog from “Tools” menu.

It will remove any post that matches your defined rules, from your timeline.

Just note that you’re regular expression is passes as is to Qt. If you’re not familiar with Qt regular expressions look at this.

Another change in Choqok is at “Now Listening” plugin, a friend of mine (@saar) made some changes on it and added support for more players such as Juk, Rhythmbox, Exaile, Banshee and MPRIS API supported players such as Audacious, Dragon and Qmmp. It will detect which player you’re using and fetch information from it.

And another on the way feature, is support for FriendFeed; It is requested by some users, and we already collected some donation for it.

And support for Twitter lists may be the next feature.

What about Choqok next release?

My plan is to prepare a release candidate for version 1.0 for last week of June (24 actually) and after it, will fix known bugs, to release the stable 1.0 in July.

So, we will have 2 releases in June and July, If everything goes well. :)

A new plugin system for Choqok

During last week I was working on a new plugin system for Choqok, It’s idea was in my mind for about 2 months, But now, It’s ready to use, and develop plugins for it.

Choqok supports image uploading to Twitpic since early versions, and supports Media attachment in Identica/Statusnet service since latest Beta release.

But, There are so many image/video uploading services out there! what if we want to support them too!?

Here is the answer: A plugin system to support more services as easy as writing one or two functions :)

There’s just one function to override:

void upload( const KUrl &localUrl, const QByteArray &medium, const QByteArray &mediumType)

Choqok will load medium, detects it’s mime type and provide it to plugin as a ByteArray!
So, plugin just have to upload file with the service API, and then emit the mediumUploaded() signal :)

Now we have a global Medium uploading dialog right in Tools menu:

I have ported the Twitpic plugin to this new system, And wrote a plugin for YFrog service.

It still needs some improvements to be what i want ;)