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Choqok will be back soon

Good news is that I received several comments and emails from people who would like to work on Choqok and keep it up. And I asked kde sysadmins to give us a choqok-devel mailing list, to use it for communication between Choqok developers. will announce it when it become ready.

So, I will keep maintaining Choqok for some time, until we find someone to get my place and maintain it :)

The bad news is that Twitter had a deadline for it’s version 1.0 API which Choqok is using now, that deadline is over. and from today (pacific time). Choqok stopped working with Twitter. I’m sorry for that, but fortunately we have someone(Daniel Kreuter) who is working on it right now, and this issue will be fixed soon, and we’ll have a release when its ready. so stay tuned.