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Choqok will be back soon

Good news is that I received several comments and emails from people who would like to work on Choqok and keep it up. And I asked kde sysadmins to give us a choqok-devel mailing list, to use it for communication between Choqok developers. will announce it when it become ready.

So, I will keep maintaining Choqok for some time, until we find someone to get my place and maintain it :)

The bad news is that Twitter had a deadline for it’s version 1.0 API which Choqok is using now, that deadline is over. and from today (pacific time). Choqok stopped working with Twitter. I’m sorry for that, but fortunately we have someone(Daniel Kreuter) who is working on it right now, and this issue will be fixed soon, and we’ll have a release when its ready. so stay tuned.


OAuth support in Choqok

So, Here we go…

Last time I was with you, We’ve talked about Twitter, OAuth and QtOAuth.

After it, I was contacted with QtOAuth dev, Dominik Kapusta, And he has accepted a change in lib (api) to add better support for KDE apps :) And that’s great.

So, I’ve done base jobs and codes for OAuth support in Choqok, and It supports it for Identica right now. Of course supports for Twitter too (their code base is share) but for now I’ve changed twitter add account dialog temporarily to something like before (with basic user/pass) and waiting for Twitter new feature for Open Source apps, that they announced on 12 Jun. Oh, and Twitter changed his plan of shutting down basic authentication and postponed it to August, So we have more time :)

So, Now If you want to build latest Choqok svn, you’ll need latest QOAuth from it’s git repository. (Its author will release it officially too)
And if your Choqok version is more than or equal to 0.9.80, It already supports OAuth ;)


Other than authentication changes, We have many fixes done by Andrey Esin + a new shortener plugin for service.

And we have a DBus interface now, Many thanks to Emanuele Bigiarini for his works. and there is a plugin in Choqok that you can call Choqok from dolphin or konqueror to upload and share a medium from your hard disk, or dent/tweet selected text from konqueror, and more…

And even you can install this Firefox extension if you use it for web browsing, and have These options there too. ( Power of Free Software :D )

P.S: You can still use basic authentication for if you like or other StatusNet web sites, OAuth is available for just

KDE & OAuth!?

Twitter announced that they’re going to turn off basic authentication mode on Jun 30. And all of clients should use OAuth authentication.

Choqok is using the basic authentication since first release, So We have to change it.

Good news is that supports OAuth authentication too.

I just started this job, several days ago, (but with low speed), and done some changes in account registration dialogs of Choqok, Just tried to use QOAuth library for this. and it works.

But today I found it hard to use, because it doesn’t use KIO library (It’s a Qt lib, I know :D ), So does not respect for KDE Proxy settings And its design defers with what we need to work with KIO, (As I see and know, maybe I’m wrong :-/)

So, Question is:
Is there any KDEish solution for OAuth?
If no:
What is best solution now?
Is there anybody to help me on this? (Specially from KIO world)


P.S.1: I really need help on this. :)
P.S.2: Choqok 0.6.6 and current beta won’t work with Twitter after 30 Jun.