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Resistance is futile

As everyone know it’s a long time that Choqok and Blogilo had no real update from me, 5 years ago when I started them I had time, energy and passion to spend on them. in the past year, all of those had gone little by little. but I was trying to resist it and keep them up even a little,

But now, I have to admit that I cannot continue, because of some personal reasons:
mostly because I’m working as a software engineer somewhere, and that fulfill my programming and coding joys, so I replaced my coding hobby with another hobby (photography) recently and It’s keeping me too much busy that there’s no more time to spend somewhere else :)

So, If anyone interested to work on either Choqok or Blogilo I would be really appreciated to help him/her and give away their maintenance.

I know I wasn’t a good maintainer/developer because I didn’t find and prepare someone to fill my place after me, I’m sorry.


PS: BTW, If anyone was interested to check on my photography, here are some links: 500px, facebook, flickr,


Blogilo’s new WYSIWYG editor

Yes, Blogilo has a new WYSIWYG editor. (Based on WebKit)

This was a long time wish of us, because Qt text editor lacks good html support, and does not support some html tags at all, and supports some with hacks.
And now this new editor is ready for KDEPIM 4.6 release, and first preview of it will be released with KDE 4.6 Beta1 release:
Blogilo WYSIWYG editor
Of course it needs more tuning.
Its big problem instead of previous editor is lack of Spell checking support, that I didn’t find a good way to implement this, due most of current KDE highlighting/spelling supports are based on KTextEdit (As I found) Any idea?

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Call for a brainstorm for the name of KDE Blogging Client

Hello again,

After my previous post about Bilbo, We have discussed importing Bilbo, as a blogging client, into KDE PIM, and they accepted to replace KBlogger with it.

And then, with help of Christian Weilbach, the KBlog project maintainer, We changed Bilbo and KBlog to work better with each other…

But before we proceed we have a little problem with the name that was not considered from the beginning. The name seems to be OWNED by an organization (Tolkien Enterprises).

So, We are thinking about it, And after all, we need your help to select a good, simple, short, funny and hacky name for KDE Blogging Client.

What you can do is to send your comments on this page, and leave whatever name you think is good for it.
And more info if the name has a meaning (that we may not know in English) or in other languages.

Don’t forget that this is a brain storm so anything that comes to your mind is appreciated. So don’t judge and donate us your precious ideas.

Thanks for your consideration.


Result of Brainstorm:

At first, Thanks for your consideration, and the time you spend here, to help us to select a good name for KDE Blogging Client. I didn’t expect this huge number of ideas, Thanks community

At last, We choose “Blogilo” for it, I hope you like it too…

Our Reasons:

It has a good meaning: Arnomane says that It means “Blog Tool” in Esperanto,
It’s short,
It’s global and world wide,
And It’s like Blog+Bilbo.
The worse thing can be lack of K in it. :D

Others are fine too, but hey, we need just one name :D