Choqok tencent weibo plugin

You may don’t even know tencent weibo microblog service, I didn’t know it either :DChoqok tencent support

From wikipedia:

Tencent Weibo is a Chinese microblogging website launched by Tencent in April, 2010, and is still currently under beta testing. Users may broadcast a message including 140 Chinese characters at most through the web, SMS or smartphone.

And today, accidentally I discovered that “Oasis Li” developed a microblog plugin for Choqok to support this microblogging service.

Here you can find the source code of choqok-tencent plugin. and here he wrote about how to build and use it.

It is interesting for me to know this :)

Also, One month before, someone contacted me that he’s developing a plugin to support service, I hope he can finish it sooner :)

There will be more info like these stay tuned ;)


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